2017 Star Lane Sauvignon Blanc, Star Lane Vineyard Image

2017 Star Lane Sauvignon Blanc, Star Lane Vineyard

2017 is one of the best recent vintages observed from Star Lane. This is evidenced by depth of flavor, complexity, and texture across all varieties. A trademark of special vintages is when such descriptors are applied not here and there from a site, but across all varieties and all blocks. With such a diverse vineyard a long ripening timeline is typical and different weather patterns throughout a month can create the feel of different “harvests” even within a single vintage. 2017 was a wonderfully even vintage and the wines reflect the steady harvest in their restraint, depth and balance.


With a terrific vintage to work with and the site producing steady and even Sauvignon Blanc over the last several years, we must admit that 2017 allowed us to follow a steady course. A typical mix of fermenting in large oak cask to bring some weight to the fresh texture and stainless steel ferments to keep aromatics pure and exuberant was utilized. The first fruit from a new planting showed tremendous promise and was included in this blend adding a touch of depth and nuance.


Very consistent with previous iterations. Aromatics show fairly intense citrus - think lemon and mandarin - freesia flowers, and some peachy qualities. The flavor profile suggests a bigger mouth feel, but one is refreshed by the balance of this wine. It enters with some weight, but is otherwise very precise and fresh, but with good length. Exactly what we believe Sauvignon Blanc can represent from this section of Star Lane Vineyard. 

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